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We're currently accepting candidates for hospitality positions in hotels, restaurants and theme parks and state/national parks, across the United States. A limited number of retail positions are also available to qualified students.


Cleaning hotel guest rooms and public areas of the hotel. Basic English fluency required. Students hired for this department must have no physical limitations, injuries or allergies to cleaning products. Some work in the hotel laundry may be required.

  • Cleaning hotel guest rooms and/or common areas.
  • Remove trash, used amenities and dirty linen from room.
  • Make beds. Clean bathroom. Restock all amenities.
  • Clean all wastebaskets, mirrors, shelves, door frames, windows, window frames and baseboards.
    Spray air freshener.
  • Report all maintenance problems, report and turn in any articles left by guests and do any other
    tasks assigned by management.
  • Work in the Laundry; Operate washer/dryer, separate, wash, dry, fold and deliver sheets,
    pillowcases, blankets and others.
  • This job involves moderate to heavy lifting, bending, stretching pushing and pulling of medium
    to heavy objects.
  • Clean and dust all surfaces: polish furniture, vacuum carpets.
  • May require exposure to cleaning chemicals and weather at properties with external hallways.
  • May require flexibility in scheduling to meet the business flow.
  • Light to moderate interactions with hotel guests.
  • Requires ability to follow directions & room completion schedules.
  • All locations have a standard time-per-room for cleaning, usually 30 minutes. You must be able
    to complete each room in that time.


Front Desk Clerk

Description: Register guests in and out of the hotel, make reservations, collect payments and charges and answers telephone inquiries. Excellent English fluency required and some data entry and Receptionist/ Front Desk Clerk experience preferred. Student must be friendly and have professional appearances, with good mathematical skills. Friendly, outgoing personality is extremely important.

Restaurant Server

Description: Waiter/Waitress in hotel dining facility or restaurant. Prior experience and knowledge of restaurant service standards important.  Excellent English fluency required due to extensive contact with customers.

Kitchen Utility/Busser/Dishwasher

Description: Clear tables, wash dishes and clean kitchen areas. Basic English fluency required. Students must have no physical limitations, injuries or allergies to cleaning products.


Description: Most work involves food preparation and service in the kitchen area. Some cooking or food preparation experience preferred.  This job may also involve cleaning of food preparation areas. Moderate English fluency required.


Description:  Greets and directs restaurant customers to their table.  Provides menus and may take drink orders and serve those before waiter/waitress visits table.  Cashiers handle collection of cash/credit card payments, and are responsible for register accuracy.  Both positions require a high level of English fluency, due to extensive contact with guests.

Store Clerk

Description: Participants, when possible should have previous retail experience. Participants should expect to work in a fast-paced environment. Bend, push, pull, lift and carry product. Stand for long periods of time. Provide excellent customer service and provide information about Market products and services available. Strong customer service skills required. Previous retail experience is a plus. Hospitality demeanors and hospitality smiles. Ability to work various schedules, including weekends and holidays. Ability to work independently. Ability to communicate clearly. Ability to handle multiple tasks in a high-pressure environment. Other duties as required.


Description: Monitor swimming pool activities to prevent accidents and provide assistance to swimmers; Maintain order and safety in the pool and pool areas, rescue swimmers in danger and administer first aid if required; Clean pool, pool areas and bathrooms on a daily basis; Customer service/satisfaction, communicating with patrons and respond to their needs; Checking pool passes. Determine Chlorine content and Ph value of the water. Students have to pass mandatory lifeguard training, which includes swimming and written tests.

Ride and Track Theme Park Crew

Description: Operate Rides and Tracks in accordance with company rules, regulations and safety requirements within department. You can also work in grounds/maintenance, cleaning and completing tasks as necessary. Maintain the safe operation of rides. You may work as a cashier and game operator as well. Students expected to safely, efficiently and accurately perform jobs while providing excellent service. Participants should expect to work in a fast-paced environment.

Please Note

 It is possible that you may be assigned a different or additional job than that listed on your job agreement. Final job assignment upon your arrival depends on your English level, U.S. economic conditions, and job availability.  in the event that there are not enough work hours available at the employer and/or job you selected, contact your employer or Janus International to inquire about the possibility of a transfer to another location.

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